A 6 seat work of art! Quick, nimble and a pleasure to pedal, our Small Bike is a fantastic way to see and experience Bend. Smaller and more intimate than our Big Bike and a perfect fit for smaller groups of 4 to 6 guests.

Our smaller Cycle ‘Round pub bikes accommodate hearty brew tasting groups of 4-6 guests for a more personalized peddle brew touring experience. Smaller and more nimble then it’s bigger brother, the Cycle ‘Rounds also provide you with a better return on your groups pedaling and tasting investment.

Perfect For...

Beer Lovers, Everyone, Fun Lovers, Wine Lovers


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Experience the best breweries and taste great beers along the famous Bend Ale Trail. Enjoy the best breweries and craft beer in Bend Oregon! With over 26 breweries in Bend proper and 36 breweries within a 30 mile radius, Bend has become Beer-Disney and the number of new and breweries continue to grow by the day.

Other Details

Cancellation Policy
You may choose to move your booking and deposit to a future date/time with notice of 7 days or more. You may cancel your tour 7 days or more from your scheduled date/time and receive a full refund of your payment/deposit. If you cancel your tour within 7 days of your scheduled date/time please note that fifty percent of the original tour cost will be forfeited. If you cancel your tour within 24 hours of your scheduled tour time, or are a no show at the time of your tour, please note that one hundred percent of the original tour cost will be forfeited, as we will have lost the opportunity to book another tour in your place. If your tour is canceled by Cycle Pub for weather related, or any safety related reasons, then you are entitled to a credit in our system to rebook a tour in the future or a full refund back to your original payment credit card. Any tour canceled by Cycle Pub for violations related to our Zero Tolerance policy will not be refunded.
Other Important Information
YOU HAVE BOOKED OUR SMALL BIKE WHICH REQUIRES A MINIMUM OF 4 RIDERS AND HAS A FIRM 6 RIDER MAXIMUM CAPACITY. IF YOUR GROUP ARRIVES FOR A TOUR WITHOUT MEETING THE MINIMUM RIDER COUNT REQUIREMENTS YOUR TOUR WILL BE CANCELED WITHOUT REFUND!nALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED ON OUR BIKE IF ANYONE ON OUR BIKE IS UNDER THE AGE OF 21 YEARS OLD. **PLEASE NOTE OUR UPDATED ALCOHOL POLICY FOR 2019**nYour group may bring up to a maximum of 1 EMPTY growler for beer or cider as well as 1 750ml sized bottle of wine aboard to enjoy while in motion. The growler can be filled at your first stop and restocked while out on tour but the total number of growler/wine bottles allowed aboard at any time is capped at 2 items. Glass growlers and/or wine bottles are the only glass allowed on our bike! nINDIVIDUAL CANS OR BOTTLES ARE NOT ALLOWED. NO HARD ALCOHOL AT ANY TIME. THE CONSUMPTION OF CANNABIS PRODUCTS WHILE ON OUR TOUR, AT STOPS OR WHILE AT OUR TOUR CENTER PROPERTY IS PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES DUE TO OLCC LAWS!nSMOKING/VAPING IS PROHIBITED WITHIN 10 FEET OF OUR BIKE OR ANY OREGON BUSINESS. As the booking individual, YOU agree to accept liability for all members of your private tour. The entire bike is yours for a private tour, so there is no need to update us if your number of riders changes. Any guests that arrive at final tour check-in exhibiting any signs of inappropriate or excessive intoxication will not be allowed out on tour and your tour may be canceled without refund if your number of competent riders falls below our mandatory minimum. All riders must be at least 12 years of age or older. For safety reasons there are simply no exceptions. All riders 16 and under are subject to the OR Helmet Law, and must wear a bicycle helmet for the duration of the ride. Any disrespect toward our Driver, Vehicle or the community of Bend will result in immediate termination of your tour, without refund. No confetti / confetti cannons messy party supplies..etc to avoid leaving a mess around Bend. Tours will proceed as scheduled in light rain, although unsafe conditions such as lightning, thunder, heavy rain, or snow and ice on the roadway will cancel. PLEASE do not book a tour if you feel your group may be fair-weathered riders, no refunds will be offered outside of cancellations by Cycle Pub for weather-related safety issues outside of cancellations by Cycle Pub for weather-related safety issues.