Steens Mountain and the Alvord Desert are “must see” landscapes in any trip out to Eastern Oregon. In this 3-day/2-night photography workshop, we will take our photography to one of the most remote corners of the state, where a unique photograph is waiting to be taken in almost every direction.


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Tour Length: 3 days / 2 nights nnDifficulty: Strenuous (Max 3.5 miles hiking, 1,250ft of elevation gain)nnWorkshop Departure: We will meet at The Bend Tour Company in Downtown Bend, Oregon at 9:00am on Friday, October 9, 2020 to discuss the plan for the afternoon, then leave for the Alvord Desert. We will end up back at the Bend Tour Company around 4:00pm on Sunday, October 11, 2020. nGuides: Christian Murillo is a professional landscape photographer based in Bend, Oregon. His work has been displayed in galleries and magazines all over the world. Lately, he has been working on an Eastern Oregon photography project, showcasing some of the most remote parts of the state. Weather Conditions: The Alvord Desert and Steens Mountain can get pretty cold, especially at night in the Fall. On the Alvord Desert, you can expect highs in the mid-60s and lows in the mid-30s. On Steens Mountain, you can expect highs in the low-60s and lows in the 20s. The weather changes here can be extreme, so this is something we would keep a close eye on closer to the date. Food/Water: We provide some of the food for our extended outings. We will stop in Burns for lunch on the way to the Alvord Desert and on the way back from Steens Mountain, but the rest of the meals will be camp meals. We will provide breakfast and lunch Sunday, and then breakfast on Monday. The meals you will be responsible for are your lunches in Burns, as well as your camp dinners on Saturday and Sunday. Please bring food that can easily be cooked over a camp stove or bonfire. We will have a cooler where you can store food and drink. We will also provide some snacks to have before meals, but please bring your own snacks to have during our outings. Please bring a water bottle that can hold at least 1L, as this workshop involves hiking in a dry environment. We will supply extra water in the car where you can refill your water bottles between activities. nWhat to Wear: You should check the weather forecast prior to coming on the trip. Temperatures in early fall tend to fluctuate greatly between 20-65 degrees. It is important to bring warm layers, light gloves, a warm hat, and a rain jacket in case of inclement weather. Cell Phones: Bring your cell phone along! They are great for capturing candid images. Note that cell service is limited during some of the drives. There are USB ports in our vehicles so bring a charging cable if you need one. Restroom Facilities: There will be bathroom facilities at the Alvord Hot Springs and in the Campground on Steens Mountain. If we opt to camp on the Playa in the desert, then there will be no public bathrooms nearby. nGroup Size: 2 min - 6 max nnCamera Gear: A wide angle zoom lens is the most useful for night photos to get the most of the sky in the shot (equivalent 16-35 on a full-frame camera or 10-22mm on a crop sensor). In addition, the lower the aperture the better! At least a F2.8, but F1.8-1.2 is always nice to have as well. A mid-range lens can also come in handy or if you do not have a wide angle (24-70 on full frame or 18-55 on crop sensor). If you want to try and get in some tight shots of wildlife, I would also recommend a zoom lens (70-200mm works for most things). Tripods are a must since we are shooting long exposures at night. You will also need a camera that has a manual setting or a way to you can control the aperture, shutter speed and ISO independently. Remember to not forget extra batteries, memory cards, and cleaning supplies. nnIf you need to rent gear for your trip we encourage you to use BorrowLenses.comnnAdditional Gear: You will need to provide everything for camping, including but not limited to: a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, pillow, all personal toiletries, cooking supplies, snacks, and dinners to prepare on your own for 2 nights, clothing for 2 days, jacket, sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray, etc. nPlease consolidate your gear as much as possible.