This is a “must do” helicopter flight on your next vacation to Bend, Sisters or Sunriver Resort. With stunning Cascade Mountain views to our left and right our pilots will take you and your friends on a unique journey to our very own rimrock Grand Canyons and beyond.

Over the past 300,000 years the Crooked River has carved deep canyons into the volcanic bedrock outside of Bend, it is here we will introduce you to a host of unique locations including the world famous Smith Rock State Park. smith rock monkey faceOne of Smith Rocks most photographed and admired locations is Monkey Face a magnificent 350 foot spire that is the centerpiece of Smith Rock State Park. When viewed from the south, the top of the pillar resembles the face of a Monkey complete with a mouth, nose, and eyes. From your vantage point circling high above Smith Rocks unique geologic formation, shear face walls and jagged peaks you’ll understand why this has become a global destination for rock climbers.

Perfect For...

Active Folks, Fun Lovers, Intrepid Travelers


You Will See

Cascade Mountains

Mt Bachelor - Broken Top - Three Sisters - Mt Washington - Three Finger Jack...

Newberry Volcanic National Monument

Newberry National Volcanic National Monument includes 54,000+ acres of lakes, lava flows, and spectacular geologic features in central Oregon....

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Cancellation Policy
All flights must have a reservation. No 'walk-ins'. Big Mountain Heli Tours has the right to cancel any flight any time for any reason. Passengers must have a valid photo ID (minors exempt). All flight reservations must be confirmed. Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to your scheduled flight time, cancellation after that time will be converted into a gift certificate. Gift Certificates bought directly from Big Mountain Heli Tours are valid for one year from the date of purchase.
Other Important Information
What can we do to make this tour special? Feel free to call our office and let us help you make this flight even better! All flights are private. Max weight per flight is 560 lbs. Helicopter Pilot Tipping? If you feel your pilot has made your flight special feel free to express yourself. As local pilots flight tips are spent back in the Bend economy so your dollars go a long way. Thanks! If you feel your pilot has done an exceptional job feel free to express yourself. Participants must sign digital waivers and provide individual weights prior to flights as per FAA regulations for helicopter flights.