Our Bend City / Brewery Como Tour is the perfect alternative for folks who want the best of both of our most popular tours in one experience. See the incredible sights of Bend Oregon and enjoy a couple stops along the way to visit the best breweries and enjoy delicious samples of Bend's famous craft beers. All in one fantastic offering.

Bend City Brewery Combo Tour

Can’t decide between taking our popular City Sights tour or our incredible Craft Brewery tour? Our City Brewery Combo Tour is the perfect alternative for folks who want the best of both of our most popular tours. See and taste the best of Bend, Oregon all in one great experience! Our guests will eCruise around Bend in our open air electric tour mobiles taking in everything from the stunning views of the Cascades to sights and sounds of one of the most wondrous towns in america.

City Brewery Combo Tour

In between the views and sights, our City & Brewery Combo Tour makes a few select stops at a couple of Bend’s world renown craft breweries for some delicious beer/cider creations that will titillate your taste buds. Sightseeing and great craft beer all in one tour.  Could there be a better thing to do in Bend, aka Beer-Disney?


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Bend Locals, Couples, Everyone, Fun Lovers, Beer Lovers, Wine Lovers


Deschutes River

The Deschutes River begins as a small creek trickling south out of Little Lava Lake and ends some 250 miles north as one of the most celebrated, majestic rivers of the West. In many ways, it's the lifeblood...

Mirror Pond

This stunning iconic pond created was over 100 years ago inspired when the river was damned to power Bend.  The pond was the inspiration for Deschutes Brewery's first beer, Mirror Pond Pale Ale. Check out a virtual tour of Mirror Pond here....

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