It’s ski season here in Bend and our backcountry is covered in deep, beautiful snowpack. Our Winter Wonderland Tour is perfect for Bend visitors and locals who want to experience and explore as much of our magnificent snowcapped Cascade range as possible. The Cascades are a unique part of the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire, the ring of volcanoes and associated mountains around the Pacific Ocean. In fact, all of the eruptions in the contiguous United States over the last 200 years have been from Cascade volcanoes. You’ll be front and center to see the after effects of our last “big one” at Broken Top Mountain 100,000 years ago, revealing the colorful insides of our very own complex stratovolcano and high altitude glacial lake at 10,000 feet.

While Broken Top Mt is our local volcanic star this tour will also highlight Mt. Bachelor, one of the largest ski resorts in the U.S. Boasting a wide variety of terrain, guests can ski or ride 360 degrees off the summit, hike the adjoining cinder cone for a thrilling run down, or, ski the trees to find that great cache of powder. On this tour you’ll swing over the mountain and watch skiers racing down the mountain. The Cascade Range is still active to this day. Mt. St. Helens (which you can see on most flights) to our North remains hot after a devastating and well known eruption in 1980.

At the summit you’ll be treated to an eye candy view of the Cascade Mountain chain stretching from north to south and including Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, Mount Washington, North Sister, Middle Sister and South Sister. This scenic helicopter tour includes aerial views of the City of Bend, the Old Mill District and the Deschutes River as well as the spectacular snow capped Cascade range with it’s soaring volcanic peaks.  You’ll love getting up close to Mt. Bachelor and the Cascades. Breathtaking views are all yours to discover. Book Today!


mig-mtn-logoThis is a “must see” aerial tour with stunning Cascade Mountain views to our left and right our pilots will take you and your friends on a unique journey to our very own rimrock Grand Canyons. Over the past 300,000 years the Crooked River has carved deep canyons into the volcanic bedrock outside of Bend, it is here we will introduce you to a host of unique locations including the world famous Smith Rock State Park.

One of Smith Rocks most photographed and admired locations is Monkey Face a magnificent 350 foot spire that is the centerpiece of Smith Rock State Park. When viewed from the south, the top of the pillar resembles the face of a Monkey complete with a mouth, nose, and eyes. From your vantage point circling high above Smith Rocks unique geologic formation, shear face walls and jagged peaks you’ll understand why this has become a global destination for rock climbers.

Flying above the summit you’ll be treated to a beautiful line of the Cascade Mountains stretching from north to south and including Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, Mount Washington, North Sister, Middle Sister, South Sister, Broken Top, and Mount Bachelor. Enjoy an unprecedented 360 tour of this world class State Park and amazing rock formation before heading back through the deep river canyons to Bend.

The last four hours of light in the day reveal the most stunning rock color formations, for photographers this is the best time to visit this world class location. Book Today!

mig-mtn-logoWith stunning Cascade Mountain views to our left and right our pilots will take you and your friends on a tour of Bend, Oregon “Beertown USA” and on to our local lava flow at Lava Lands State Park a National Volcanic Monument. Over the past 300,000 years massive volcanic eruptions have left volcanic scars outside of Bend. You may have visited Lava Lands and walked through the ancient flows but seeing their sheer size from the air is a unique look into the awesome power of Mother Nature, frozen for all time just as they happened, and devoid of life for thousands of years.

Located on the north flank of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, what is now known to the locals in Bend as lava lands was officially created about 7,000 years ago after a massive and prolonged series of volcanic explosions of Lava Butte. A miles wide sea of jagged lava rock was left behind creating a unique geological landscape that served as that training ground for moon bound astronauts in the 1960’s.

We’ll take you on an unprecedented 360 tour of this amazing lava formation that changed the course of the Deschutes River before heading past the scenic Benham Falls, Dillon Falls, and Lava Island Falls then back along the Deschutes to Bend. Look down below in the spring and summer months and you might just catch a glimpse of the white water rafting groups negotiating Big Eddy’s class 4 rapids. Book Today!