Take it all in, see new places, meet new people. Experience Bend with us.

Why are our eBike tours so special? Well, Bend is a special place and we want you to experience it like we do.  There is no better feeling than the warm sunshine on your skin and gentle wind on your face as you travel around freely and confidently; stopping anywhere, anytime, to take it all in, meet new people, see new places. We’re fortunate to have beauty around every corner and stunning mountain views from all over town. The twisting and turning Deschutes River makes its way through our lovely community and is the source of abundant relaxation and delight. We have a rich history, world-class craft breweries, a vibrant art scene and the best outdoor recreation in the West.  Best of all, we have an outstanding community of folks who make all this happen.

This is how we live in Bend and it gives us so much joy.  We want everyone to enjoy Bend by bike – whether you’re young or old, fit or not so fit; whether your knees and hips are strong or feeling the effects of a lifetime of adventures. Experience Bend with us.



Experience Bend like a local and find out why we’re so happy here! eBikes are the perfect way to explore our sweet town and they are so much fun.  We will safely lead you through historic neighborhoods, taking shortcuts through quiet streets filled with charming homes.  We’ll ride bike paths along the river while learning about Bend’s history as a wild west mill town and visit some of our favorite places around Downtown and the Old Mill District. Your guide will give you local tips on the best spots to eat, drink, celebrate and ride. You’ll feel right at home!

PRICE: $50.00
TIME:   2.0 Hours
WHEN:  Daily- 9:00am / 11:30am / 2:00pm / 4:30pm


Sample tasty craft beer along the famous Ale Trail and cruise around beautiful Bend on a zippy eBike designed for fun!  We’ll enjoy small tastes so we can keep our ride fun and safe.  The big front basket on our bikes will certainly carry a lot of beer, so bring your growlers to fill and take away your favorites!  We have so many breweries to choose from that we rotate and make sure we visit a good variety and get you fully immersed in Bend beer culture!

PRICE: $65.00
TIME:   2.0 Hours
WHEN:  Daily – 11:30am / 2:00pm / 4:30pm



Our special, extended Sunset tour combines a bit of all our tours with plenty of time to enjoy a pint or have a quick bite at local breweries, restaurants and tasting rooms. Take your time as we explore the areas of Bend that we don’t usually get to on our other tours.  Enjoy more riding time on your eBike and really get to know the ins and outs of Bend.  Your eBike has plenty of power to get you around comfortably.  You’ll want to stay out all night!

PRICE: $70.00
TIME:   2.5 Hours
WHEN:  Thurs – Fri – Sat  (Variable times based upon sunset)


Bend’s art scene is growing quickly – join us on a local style spin around town and see the Bend classics and new, innovative art installations –  even peak inside a working studio to see the creativity in action!  This tour is all about appreciation – art culture, fun eBikes and the beauty of Bend. You’ll see art in roundabouts, parks, alleys, neighborhoods and other hidden spots that only locals know about. We’ll stop in on some working artists to see the process in person and check out community work spaces occupied by local artists of all kinds. We bet you’ll be blown away at the emerging art culture we have here in our wonderful little town.  We’re so lucky to have such creativity here – and eBikes make it even more fun, free and accessible!

PRICE: $50.00
TIME:   1.5 Hours
WHEN:  Daily – 9:00am / 11:30 /2:00pm / 4:30pm