Cycle Pub “Big Bike” Ale Trail Tour

The Cycle Pub brings a whole new experience to fans of fine craft beer. As the name implies, the Cycle Pub incorporates two favorite pastimes, bikes and beer! Appearing much like a trolley or cable car, we add a twist–riders provide the horsepower by pedaling this passenger “bike” while enjoying the various sights and attractions of Bend. We provide the driver, so riders can legally enjoy a local fine crafted beer or glass of wine en route, and bring snacks aboard to keep the energy high. Throw in some live music, a catered lunch or dinner, or even a bartender to enhance your ride!
(2 hrs)

Cycle Round Ale Trail Tour

Quick, nimble, easy to pedal, and a fantastic way to see the sites and breweries along the Bends Ale Trail. Smaller and more intimate than the larger Cycle Pub, and a perfect fit for smaller groups of 4 to 6 guests.
(2.0 Hrs)