Nightlife in Bend Oregon


Discover how the tiny Timbertown of Bend Oregon morphed over the years into a world renowned recreation and vacation destination. See where the past meets the present in the city holding the future of Central Oregon. The Bend Historical City Sights tours cruise all around Bend, sightseeing points of interest along the Deschutes River and in The Old Mill District, Downtown Bend, The Westside and beyond. For 100 plus years, Bend has been a welcoming watering hole in the High Desert for anyone traveling around Oregon. Today it continues to be a vibrant city that hosts a long list of thriving local coffee houses, craft breweries and top-notch eateries and an even longer list of amazing recreational opportunities. 


Our Bend Brew Taps and Cycle Pub Tours visit a rotating list of internationally recognized & award winning Central Oregon breweries along The Bend Ale Trail. Enjoy delectable craft beer tastings, see this great town, catch a few Cascade mountain views and hear all about the local Bend scene in between stops at many of Bend’s growing number Craft Breweries and Brew Houses. With over 15 breweries within a mile of our front door there is truly a fine beverage that will appeal to every ones taste. 


An inspirational and enlightening excursion around Bend. This tour highlights the amazing cultural contributions to Central Oregon by, regional professional artists, and local makers. While exploring portions of’s Roundabout Art Route, keep an eye out for a variety of sculpture styles, curious murals, and “art-rageous” yard decor. In addition to the must-see sights like Bend’s iconic “flaming chicken” and the “crazy rock people,” our trip includes a visit to an in action art studio. Meet artists and hear how their creative processes transform an inkling of an idea to a polished piece. 


Our Sunset Spectacular Tours are just that… SPECTACULAR! The tours include all of the great history, sights, shops, restaurants, breweries and attractions included in many of our other tours, plus stunning views of our incredible summer sunsets over Oregon’s magnificent Cascades mountain range! Choose to experience the Summer Spectacular Tours on our SEGWAYs, Cycle ‘Rounds, E-Cruisers, or Electric Bikes. You simply can’t go wrong with these tours!


Locals know Central Oregon is a special place from the ground. Kodiac can introduce you to every mountain trail, river and remote lake here in our high desert playground. But what only a few of us know, is how utterly stunning it is from the sky. So we decided it was time to share our secret through world-class scenic helicopter tours in Bend, Oregon.Big Mountain Heli Tours
Known as the “outdoor playground of the West,” our town is world famous for both its outdoor pursuits and its pristine beauty – but that’s just half of the story. Bend has a second, unlimited, playground that starts at 10,000 feet. It’s a place of unparalleled vistas that stretch for miles, sunsets that take your breath away, millions of years of volcanic history, and unfettered access to remote and unusual locations in the Central Oregon high desert.


Glide back in time when sawdust filled the sky’s of Bend and two of thelargest pine mills ruled the banks of the Deschutes River.The Bend Tour Company and the Des Chutes Historical Museum bring you a special Old Mill District 100 year anniversary historical tour providing you a glimpse into Bend’s industrial past. Roll along the river and through historic neighborhoods discovering Bend’s booming era of Pond Monkeys and Mill Camps against a backdrop of picturesque views of the classic Old Mill District.This tour is lead by a Des Chutes Historical Museum guide with all proceeds directly benefiting the Des Chutes County Historical Society.


See and enjoy Bend anyway you wish! Our Tour Concierge will help you plan a customized tour to fit your specific wants and desires. Wish to combine elements of the City Sights tour with a Bend Brew Taps tour? No problem! Want to turn a Bend Brew Taps tour into a tour of our ever growing wine scene? It would be our pleasure! How about a Spa , shop and sip tour? We have you covered! Looking to add a stop for your group to dine and drink before, during or after one of our tours?We can make that happen too!
Give Concierge Valerie a call at 541-480-8477, or drop us a line at [email protected] for more information and to arrange your very own special tour of Bend for you and your group!